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Michelle Sutherland


Michelle is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Science in 2008 and her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy in 2010.  She joined Kraska & Associates after graduating and has been providing services to children with a variety of fine motor, gross motor, self-regulation, social-emotional, and sensory needs.  Her ability to collaborate with colleagues, and her never-ending creativity, have been instrumental in establishing successful group therapy sessions at Kraska & Associates.  

While providing services within the clinic setting, Michelle also partners with many schools in the Lexington area to provide services within the school environment.   This allows Michelle to collaborate with teachers to make modifications within the classroom for students and preschoolers.  In 2020, she successfully set up teletherapy programs to provide services to students who were not able to meet in-person.  Michelle believes in the power of play and building kids confidence and skills through a variety of imaginative, locomotor, associative, and cooperative play schemes.  She has completed training in Sensory Processing Disorders, Primitive Reflex and Occupational Performance, Neuroscience and Self-Regulation Techniques, The Zones of Regulation, Executive Functioning, and Dyspraxia.   Michelle is the mother of 2 boys, Griffin and Jeremiah, and is a wife to her husband, Nick.  Being a mother, she has gained a wealth of experience with behavioral management, activity modification, and the importance of play.  With 2 active boys she has become an expert with the light saber, a master Lego builder, and a professional obstacle course and crash pad designer.  In her spare time, she loves running, reading, baking and time with the family at the lake.  She finds great joy in seeing the world through children’s eyes and figuring out how to assist them in reaching their goals through participation in play. 

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