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Ariane Mongeau


Ariane is a graduate of Indiana University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy in 2001. While attending college, she swam competitively in a Division I school and learned English as a second language. She received the Mel Garland Distinguished Student-Athlete Award, recognizing her as
the best female athlete her junior year. Following her senior year, Ariane received the Dorothy Cheesman Award, recognizing her as the best female athlete academically. Ariane is the 1st male or female swimmer to be inducted in to the Athletes Hall of Fame. 


After graduating, Ariane spent the first five years of her career
working at a local pediatric outpatient facility where she received extensive mentorship from veteran occupational, physical, and speech therapists. She built a strong foundation in aquatic therapy working with children with a variety of neurological disorders. After a chance encounter working with an occupational therapist specialized in the treatment of children with visual disorders, Ariane decided to spend more time working with this student population. She expanded her skills in this area by working
under the supervision of a behavioral optometrist for one year. Ariane evaluated and developed treatment activities for children with various visual conditions (amblyopia, strabismus, oculomotor
disorders, etc.). It is during this time she learned how closely vision, movement, and hearing work together to give children the confidence they need to succeed in various sports and academic activities.

Ariane joined Kraska & Associates in 2007 and has been providing services to children with a variety of motor, sensory, and self-regulation needs. Along with other colleagues, she leads a variety of peer groups to help improve children’s motor and social skills. When a larger group (4-6 children led by two therapists) is not a possibility, she is known to have a great affinity matching peers (2-3) with similar
abilities and personalities to naturally motivate each other during weekly therapy sessions. Ariane also excels teaching fearful students how to ride a bicycle with two wheels using a combination of balance
reaction activities and the perfect inclined parking lot located behind the office.

Ariane is certified in the use of Therapeutic Listening and Interactive Metronome (IM). She has completed training in the areas of Primitive Reflex Integration, Visual-Vestibular Integration (Astronaut
Program), Neurodevelopmental Techniques, Executive Function, Self-Regulation (Social Thinking and Zones of Regulation Curriculums), Dyspraxia, and Writing (Handwriting Without Tears).

When she is not making homemade Gak or shopping for the newest toy, Ariane enjoys spending time with friends and her beloved dog, Louie. She loves her weekly walking group, trying new recipes, and
visiting her family in Canada and the United States.

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