"I think that the environment is the main thing about this business. The therapists on staff seem to really interact well and things seem to come down to the good of the people. A lot of places work hard to make themselves look good on paper but at Kraska and Associates everyone works hard to actually be good. The service they've done to the community and surrounding areas through outreach is great, but what it comes down to, is how the families feel leaving the office everyday ... you make people happy."

"What I love about Kraska: I love the professionalism and commitment from the staff. We never felt like a number in a therapists daily productivity requirement. I always felt confidant that we were with the best... Our therapist was so knowledgable and was obviously committed to being a lifelong learner in order to benefit her patients. I LOVE the value. The rate per session was definitely less than what we would have paid if we had used our insurance (with the $1200 deductible, 20 visit limit, and 20% co-insurance!!). Our therapist's treatment made it possible for our son to participate in home and school activities more comfortably and independently. Thank you Kraska & Associates!!!!!"

"Our daughter's love of the beach has been hard work. We've gone to the beach at least once or twice a year since she was born and she was VERY over stimulated during the first few trips (wouldn't get off my lap, or hold her head up to look at the beach).  A BIG shout out to her occupational therapist, Julie Kraska, for helping her overcome her fear of exploring the world.  Amazing work to witness."

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